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Discover the pinnacle of seamless and dependable communication solutions with our trusted partner, Aeon Cloud. As a leader in hosted communications, Aeon Cloud empowers businesses with a robust and reliable platform that revolutionizes the way organizations connect and collaborate.

Discover Xelion

Step into the future of communication with Xelion, an extraordinary hosted telecoms solution that redefines the way businesses connect and collaborate. Xelion is not just a service; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to elevate your communication experience and empower your organization to thrive in the digital age.

At the heart of Xelion is an intuitive and feature-rich interface that seamlessly integrates voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools into a unified communication hub

Xelion Softphone

Xelion’s softphone client is a versatile communications endpoint designed to be the central hub for all business communications. The softphone is the direct user interface into the Xelion platform, with all data stored in the cloud and nothing held locally on the device. This offers all the traditional telephony functions users expect alongside the latest unified communication features including presence, instant messaging, global address books, call recording, Wallboards, Hunt Group management and much more. 

The desktop app puts you back in the driving seat of how you communicate allowing you to manage your entire estate through the single user client/Interface. You can twin with a desk phone if you wish or use purely as a softphone.

Xelion Mobile Apps

The Xelion mobile app keeps you in control of your business communications anywhere, anytime as if you are in the office As the global demand to work from anywhere on any device increases, mobility has become a key component in the day-to-day operations for many businesses

 Instant access on your mobile while on the move with all the popular features including click to dial, wallboards, chat including presenting your business number when dialling through the app.

Top Features

 The Xelion desktop application gives you complete control and visibility of your communications through a single user interface. Mobile, Available for both IOS and Android, the mobile apps gives you instant access to your communications whilst on the move.

Each Xelion user can self-manage their phone line all through the softphone or mobile app. They can update status and presence, twin to deskphone, divert calls and more.

3x Reporting packs included as standard to ensure you can manage your entire estate through a single user interface. With automated daily, weekly or monthly schedules you will always be in control of communications.

A private secure internal collaboration tool for one to one and group communication including document sharing.

A private secure internal collaboration tool for one to one and group communication including document sharing.

Full featured mobile apps for on the move. Change status, monitor wallboards, listen to call recordings, instant message just as on your softphone.

Real time visibility on performance stats on individuals or teams, display wall boards on screens across your business or access on the move.

With call flip, you have the ability to start a call on one device and instantly swap to another available device on your account. For example, from your mobile app to your softphone.

Allow potential customers to reach you from your wordpress website with the Xelion plugin, included as standard. You have the ability to reply to questions using your mobile app or your softphone.

Send SMS messages to your customers via the Xelion Desktop app using your own business brand.

With Azure AD sync users can now sign into Xelion with their Microsoft credentials eliminating the needs for multiple log-ins and managing multiple passwords.

1GB storage per user. Record individuals, teams or all calls within a business, stop-start functionality for 3rd party payments over the phone.

Accuratly present your current status to other users, you can predefine statuses for all occasions and also have the ability to add do not disturb functionality to them if needed.

Connect with your end customers like never before. Included as standard simply add the plug-in to your website and retrieve your messages keeping all your communications in one place.

Manage inbound calls via Hunt Groups, Overflows, Call Queues, Auto Attendants and much more.

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